Welcome to my personal little space on the World Wide Web. I created this website not only to show my work as an industrial designer, but also to show me as a person. A bit of creativity always ran through my veins. I had the cliché ‘creative kid’ childhood: drawing (on stuff that I shouldn’t), playing with Lego and building tree houses.

In 2009 I decided that I would keep doing so, and started studying Industrial Design and Engineering in Delft. In 2012 I got my Bachelor’s degree, I graduated with a 9 for my Bachelors Final Project. Currently, I am following a dual master’s program, combining the masters Integrated Product Design and Design for Interaction.

From bike lights to webpages, from terrible love poems to phone apps, from a vacuum cleaner to jewelry: I have created a lot of different stuff over the years. Some of which can be found on my 'work' page.
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Although it has not always been the case, sport became part of my lifestyle once I noticed how it really helped me feel more energetic and focused throughout the day. I’ve tried a lot of sports before I came to this realization: tennis, water polo, handball, rowing, running and survival.

In 2010, I started to play rugby in Delft. The moment I played my first match, I knew this was different than all the other sports I’ve ever played. It is remarkable how a sport can teach you valuable traits, like resilience, discipline and respect, and help form one’s character. The action photos however taught me I have some serious work to do on my photogenic-skills.

The rugby-club also gave me the chance to broaden my skills even further by offering me the chance to be part of the board in 2011. During this year, I acted as the secretary of the club.
It is safe to say that more than half of the hours that I am awake, I am involved in music in one way or the other. It isn’t that unique at all, but something I share with a lot of people is that music has a big influence on my life.

Listening to music provides me with a daily dose of joy, energy and inspiration, but making music gives me even greater satisfaction. Armed with my saxophone and the ability to get some sound out of it, I have had great experiences and learned a lot while making music. I love the kick of performing with my friends in front of a big crowd.

I also love to be part of the dancing crowd, especially on music festivals. On a blue Monday I even attempted to learn how to salsa dance (which my stubborn hips didn’t quite allow me to master). Sadly, nowadays my poor attempt at salsa only serve as a party-trick to impress ladies.
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